Monday, 27 January 2014

Why is new technology harder than the old?


The DP has the main computer in the office up stairs.  With wifi I sit downstairs in our bedroom and use my laptop.  Domestic harmony.

So when my laptop decided to freeze me out, at the weekend,and when I HAD LOADS TO DO, there was little option.  

Why do they change things?  If I wanted to spend the day playing x box or whatever -fine.  But finding some way of writing a report, letter, poster, uploading photographs.  NO!
 This new laptop is the pits.

Deep breath, I will get there,and just to prove it ....... 

One Snooty Coo.

And one curious Stoat just begun.

I am now off totry to upload other photos for your felectaion.  The other problemis you hasve to resally bwsh the keys.



rusty duck said...

I like that coo even better..
It's been a particularly bad wifi day here. More heated arguments with BT and wires trailing everywhere.. wireless? Ha. I am only here now because a big blue cable runs from laptop, across office floor and down landing to router...
Good luck with new laptop, looks like you have it sussed already.

Victoria Peel said...

Great Coo ... doesn't technology dive you scatty ....