Thursday, 16 January 2014


Today I had to walk up and down a corridor, very similar to this.  I had 6 minutes, could stop, collapse, at any time.  

There were markers, big round circles, two placed on the floor, and I had to go from on to the other and back again.  I did it!  
And was then informed I had walked 363 yards.  

Now this may not seem much to most of you fit people.  But, hopefully, none of you have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which I do.  I was diagnosed about three years ago.  Given various inhalers and have six monthly blow jobs/tests and struggled (wo)manfully on.  

Discovered I could not walk very far and certainly could not walk and talk at the same time.  My life became very minimal, when family came I declined to accompany them to the beach, the play park, anywhere as I would have to sit and wait for them all to go and come back againl

Then I was invited on to this Physiotherapy Boot Camp.  Must have decided I was worth saving.

I was asked "What would you like to do that you feel you cannot."  

No.  Never ever wanted to do that.

But I do want to run with my grandchildren on a beach, or even just walk to the waters edge and back again.

 I want to get up a ladder and paint ceilings, walls, for longer than 5 minutes.  In fact I cannot even lift the ladders out to even start...

I want to walk there and back again.


 Climb to the top of the Lighthouse again.

And I want to have the wellie to get out in my garden again and do more than just yank out a weed and then collapse like a weed pulled out!

Well - it would seem that I shall be able to do all this.   

I am to be taught how to breathe, cough, never knew there was a style in coughing, I will ride a bike, step exercise, etc.  

Why oh why have I just wasted 3 years thinking this was  slow suffocation????

When is the next Olympics?


Terra said...

Oh friend, you are on your way to the Olympics of life and it is so good to hear you are getting stronger and back in the swing of things.

Mum said...

Good luck with the exercises. There will be a 'new you' at the end of it all.
Love from Mum

Lynn said...

Go Girl x.

Anonymous said...

Fresh hope....fantastic! xxx


Go for it Girl ... we are all behind you x

rusty duck said...

Truly great news Jill x

A Trifle Rushed said...

Boot camp sounds daunting, but walking with your grandchildren will make it all worth it. Lots of luck.

Marjorie said...

Wonderful news.

BadPenny said...

We will be with you all the way x

Anonymous said...

Great news. My daughter's physiotherapist has been a great help to her. Keep us updated!