Sunday, 5 January 2014

Aroond and aboot.

The Dawn Patroller went off on one of his jaunts with fellow photographers.  Not too far today.

Rattray Head Lighthouse.
 Most of the time it is surrounded by the sea.  In this second picture you can see the tide coming in.

Nearby there are wrecks from long ago.  The plan had been to photograph them for the challenge in the local photographic society on decay.  On the landward side of the lughthouse are sand dunes, which have moved considerably in the strong winds and storms we have had.  So much movement, the wrecks were nowhere to be seen.

Yesterday I met Ian Cowe.  Photographer.    His aim is to photograph all the lighthouses that are/were under the jurisdiction of the Northern Lighthouse Board.

His take on Rattraay.

 Kinnaird Head.


Nearby is the Loch of Strathbeg, our local RSPB Bird Reserve.  Which has a visitor.

 The Little Egret is a small, white heron which feeds on small fish and crustaceans. Once a very rare visitor from the Mediterranean, Little Egrets are now a common sight around the coasts of southern England and Wales as they expand their range, possibly due to climate change. It first bred in the UK on Brownsea Island, Dorset, in 1996, and has been moving northwards ever since; it was recorded as breeding in Berkshire for the first time in 2007.  So this one moved Northwards to visit us.

I finished off removing all the Christmas decorations.  

Then carried on, and almost finished my boxing/dancing hares.

 I take photographs of work in progress.  As I look at the photograph the glaring mistakes are obvious.  Hopefully tomorrow all will be good!

Hope yours is too.


Anonymous said...

all is good now, they are beautiful, I love the color, the action, beautiful! Lovely lighthouses, we have many here as well, the great Lakes here are treacherous, many ships sunk, the most famous Edmond Fitzgerald sunk just past us a bit and the song by Gordon Lightfoot sang so beautifully about,

rusty duck said...

Beautiful Little Egret, we were lucky enough to see one on a visit to the south coast of Devon last year. Damn thing flew off before we could get the camera on it though.