Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Apologies to Anonymous.

On the 19th December 2012 A Sense of History was the blog post title.  In amongst I put up a photograph of Inverallochy Castle. 

As an artist and as my partner is a photographer I am always careful to give credit to the person who took the photograph and trust that in turn anyone reproducing my images or those of the Dawn Patroller are also given credit.

Then  - and indeed today I have tried to find the name of the actual photographer without success.

However, to Anonymous, I have removed said photograph.  Perhaps if you had given your name I could have then given due credit.  And direct apologies.

There are many photographers around here in the North East of Scotland who have depicted this ruin.  Should I need to mention it again, as I am sure I will being proud of what we have around us, I will ensure I use one of their photographs as I know who they are and can therefore give them due recognition and have received their permission.


Anonymous said...

well said, I hope the rest of your day is pleasant, I love your photos and art, I enjoy my visits with you,

BadPenny said...

anonymous claiming the photo ? there's an irony !
Always a bit of a worry when sourcing photos. I know you try so hard to give credit.
Hope anonymous accepted your apology.

Marjorie said...

Just a reminder to tell you how much I love your blog. I appreciate how careful you are to give all credit. Thank you.


Yes indeedy ... what more could you have done .. enjoy your day.