Monday, 27 January 2014

Ha ha.

Sorry to involve you in my trials and tribulations,but I have to practice on someone.

Yesterday we had our 25,000 visitor to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

I was the 24,999 th.  So got roped in to do the presentation.

 Our chef, Kip, cooked the lady her lunch, and her partner, all free.  I handed over the wine.


Mum said...

You didn't say, "After you," then?
Love from Mum

Terra said...

What a fun moment for all involved, and I must say, your photo of the piper at the lighthouse draws me to it.

Anonymous said...

Wooo! Lucky lady! :) xxx

BadPenny said...

It could have been you !

justjill said...

Sadly it couldnt ever be me. As a trustee/director it would not have been 'on'.