Monday, 20 January 2014

Perseverance, didnt know I had it in me!

I do hope I am not boring you all with my struggles with art.  Today I had a success!!  I have twice today got a "Fantastic!"

Remember the *~##+^ dog.

 I am sure it is a lovely dog.  But this is all I had to go on.  

One part of the learning curve and an imagined slap round the head from my art teacher was to measure.  Perspective does not just apply to buildings.  One should always measure distances between eyes, and then to noses etc etc.  Aaargh.

It is not in my nature to persevere.  My nature is to say "Thats it, not doing it again, I do 
 not do things again.  Just the once, if it dont work, tough. BIN."   

Perhaps I am finally growing up, heaven forfend.  But this dog I was so disgusted with myself I did not bin it.  I left it, picked it up, looked at it, put it down again.  Took a deep breath and  - had another go.  Okay I had to use gouache. Which, unlike watercolour, does cover anything in its path.
Finally.  The dog became recognisable to its owner.

The boxing hares from yesterday.  Fantastic.  Still waiting for the verdict on the Hairy Coo.  

But you can't have everything.  Am well pleased.  At learning and accepting a new word.  Perseverance.


Victoria Peel said...

I just think your talent is wonderful .. I couldn't get it to look remotely like any kinda dog ... let alone the owners dog.
Keep at it .. you give us all great pleasure .. I love your coo's too.

Vicky x

BadPenny said...

Very hard to get the expression right - good job x

Lynn said...

Love it - now you know Percy
V Rance perhaps you might introduce me?!!
(I am rubbish lately at keeping going at stuff).


Anonymous said...

Jills motto used to be 'if a job's worth doing it's worth doing badly.' She was always saying it. I don't think that's appropriated any more.

Anonymous said...

If at first you don't succeed, etc.! I think you're amazing. I love reading about what you're learning, it's very inspiring.