Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, with the functioning lighthouse and the fireworks to celebrate the wedding held at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses yesterday.

The Dawn Patroller just shouting "Dont touch that!" to a small child, who did.

So, all went well.  This morning 30 of the guests returned to the lighthouse for breakfast.
They were staying in local hotel who "Dont do breakfast on New Years Day."  Sheesh.

Here is some of our team.  Who do everything!

 I am going to this hotel on Monday evening(not my choice)  for an Art Society knees up.  We had to ensure we had at least 12 people otherwise, "We are shut Mondays."  One despairs.

One of the DP's other roles in life is to promote tourism to the area. 

So - let battle commence.

 2014!  A new year and a new challenge.



Mum said...

Onward and upward and into battle!
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

A very happy 2014 to you both. I love the photo of the DP telling a child not to touch that! Glad all turned out ok.
We had some young visitors who were very taken by your painting of the Wee Sleekit Tim'rous Beastie in our hallway yesterday. :-)

Laura Amy said...

Happy new year! I hope 2014 is a great year for you and your loved ones xo

BadPenny said...

Horray for the lighthouse museum crew !