Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Another year almost over.  Not one for New Year Festivities, I tend to be tucked up in bed way before midnight, and yes the wine has a lot to do with that!  I do know my failings after some considerable years.  But I am (almost) grown up now so can do what I like.

Traditionally the DP and his siblings commence to block up the phone lines as soon as Big Ben (in London) has chimed in the New Year.  And they all hit the Malt.  Cant stand the stuff.

This year the DP is being the Lighthouse Museum's Official Photographer at a wedding there.  So I shall be unplugging the phone before heading to bed.

The Happy Couple have today had to face pouring rain and gales.  Should set em up for life.  Now it is calmer and dry.  So their fireworks should go off with a bang rather than a fizzle.

Just hope they have warned the Shipping.

So, reflections on the year past.  

Well, its been a full one!

Kids Activities have been great fun.  We have done Pirates, Sea Birds, Halloween and Creatures of the Night - including Santa.

Kids of all ages had great fun.

Art group = educational.  Who wears silly hats and who doesnt.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  Interesting.

Officially announced as one of three new trustees.  Still the only woman......

House is still standing as is the Shedudio.

Depicting beautifully the seasons.  Our wee hoose in the winter and the shedudio in the Summer.

All in all its been a lovely year.  Like everyone there have been downsides.  But now its time to look forward.  

I guess one major item of this year is that I have become an artist, still a small a....  But selling.  Still in pleasurable shock about this.  Along with this come the scary commissions.  

Bloody nightmare they are.

So this is on the drawing board for 2014.

As soon as I get permission from the photographer.  Although there is no way anyone would recognise it as being from that by the time I have finished with it.

FUN!  Lets hope 2014 is the same for all of us.




Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and the DP! Here's to 2014! xxx

Lynn said...

Happy New Year :)

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Brilliant round up ... wine, the weather, and your art front of stage, just as they all should be. Well done on the trusteeship and more importantly on the painting sales ... I can't wait to see what you do with those hares!

Happy New Year Jill and wishing you and yours only good things in 2014 x


Wishing you a Happy New Year .. and thanking you for your friendship over the last year ... here's to more bloggy fun and frolics in the new one.


rusty duck said...

Happy New Year Jill. Hope it's healthier, full of art and everything else that you may want from it. Jx

BadPenny said...

I was in bed by half eleven last night then slept badly sh maybe should have stayed up !

Happy New Year dear friend xx