Thursday, 1 November 2012


My first solo exhibition.  At the Lighthouse Museum.  Elbowed out of the way by the Manager who is far taller than I and has more dexterous hands he hung my pictures.

Looks a fair mismatch on here, but, he is happy.  And one was sold within minutes of the hanging!  And Penny !  It was the one I did from Joe's photo!

Above is the view from the window of the cafe at the Lighthouse Museum, where my exhibition is, just to show that Nature can exhibit far better than than any artist.

Between hangings and other stuff, like overseeing the judging of the Christmas Card Competition, I took a break and went and viewed the happenings at the harbour.  And worked out which of these views  I would love to paint.  Lots!

And this was chosen as the winner of the Christmas Card Competition.  The fact that this was recognisable as Kinnaird Head, our lighthouse, and the detail of the Keepers Cottages, and other bits, was stunning.  Age 11.   

Although there were so many wonderful pictures, from age 3 (which I really loved) below.

Is not that amazing, 3 years old. Wow.  The windows, the wind direction pointer at the top, how observant is that!

My afternoon was spent at one of my art groups and the challenge was glazing, this involves building up water colour washes into depths and then highlighting bits, failed miserably, hence no picture.  Each wash had to wait until dried, well even with the help of a thoughtfully provided hair dryer I was getting impatient.  Apparently you eventually have this flower picture which has a glow.... yay, it glows when in the wood burner.!

So after a very full day I came home and was met with the news that my darling granddaughter had been admitted to hospital with a meningitis rash, the one that doesnt go away with the 'glass test'.  Alerted by the nursery my daughter hurtled along to A & E and is now waiting results of blood tests, they are in now, overnight, antibiotics have been administered and we wait.

My granddaughter is still exhibiting well, chuckling, na-naaing.  

Me and the Dawn Patroller, not exhibiting too well.

Cultures have to be grown from the bloods - we all have to wait, but they have started the treatment, so all is exhibiting well!


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor wee thing! I hope she responds well to treatment, what a worrying time for you all. xx

Your exhibition looks fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing it for real soon, if there are any left unsold to see! xx

BadPenny said...

Firstly, I hope your grand daughter does not have this but if so was caught early & treatment underway...hope she is Ok x

I was looking for your painting of Joe's photo ! bravo ! hope you have a wonderful time exhibiting !

I love the winning card design - how detailed. Do like the three year olds too.

Lynn said...

Let me know how she is.
We had a meningitis scare when our Greg was a baby - they too started treatment on arrival - scary very scary.

saving for travel said...

I am hoping all works out well for your grand daughter.

I love your work-especially the tern flying.

Just beautiful!

Sft x

Susan T said...

Oh Jill what a worrying time for you, life can be so cruel,fresh from your afterglow of your first exhibition and this slams into you. All good wishes to you and yours

Laura Amy said...

Poor soul - hoping and praying your granddaughter responds well to the treatment, bless her.

Lovely to see your artwork displayed so beautifully!

Mum said...

Fingers crossed for good test results here.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Oh I was so happy reading down through this post and then wham-o! Really sorry to hear about your grand-daughter. Sending her and all of you my love and prayers. Please keep us updated.

Your art looks wonderful. You do seem to be exhibiting well. x