Monday, 12 November 2012

Warts and all.

You will all be pleased to know that I could not find a picture on Google that resembled my wart, and as it was where this, much younger woman, although I do have to say the skin tone is similar :), is tweaking her underarms, it was impossible for me to take a photograph. (And the DP said No....)

So, me and this wart have been together for a number of years.  Never having had one before it was quite a shock.  And why there?  But there it was and remained.  Annoying.  Clothes caught on it, it began to disrupt my slumbers, I had to keep my arm clamped to my side on the very rare occasion the weather up here in the NE of Scotland was conducive enough for me to wear the fashionable clothing, no sleeves, short sleeves, in case anyone noticed I had this WART. 

 Does NO-ONE feel the cold under the age of 60?  Everything in the shops now, winter clothing, the sleeves end just below the elbow, so what do you do, you have to buy something with longer sleeves to go under it.  Aaargh.  But I digress.

My friend, ex theatre nurse said, 

"Theres nothing to it.  Quick jab, you wont feel a thing, out, gone.  Easy."

So this morning I presented myself for this 'out' performance.

Quick jab, fine.
Lay on bed, fine.
Put arm above your head.  Fine.  (Til I remembered I hadnt depilated/shaved since June.)
Out. Fine.  
Doctor said, "We will just send this off for testing, have to be sure it was just a wart. and nothing worse."
"Hey up, " said I. "Isn't there a wart fairy?"

Then  FIVE stitches later.  And some other kind of stiches on top, and a dressing. 

As I lowered my arm I was told this will now hurt, arms arent meant to be in that position.  After screaming, groaning for some time I was told I could go home.  

"No activity for a few days."

"Does that include vacuuming?"

Well, in my book it does.  I am going to make the most of this wart, and all.

Update.  It is hurting like h***.


Anonymous said...

wow, thats a lot of stitches for a wart! They never tell us the truth do they,
rest up, heal quickly,
I bet that does hurt,
but on a brighter note ,
its over!

Anonymous said...

Ouch, sounds nasty. :( Sending hugs, xx

Susan T said...

My daughter had the same op on her back, she had a wart that was a funny shape so they decided to lop it off.

I hope the pain goes and you feel more comfortable soon - all the best from here.

Lynn said...

Oooh poor love - reminded me of years back - I had my driving test in the morning (passed!) and a mole removed in the afternoon.
The initial pain is so so worth it, honest!

Absolutely no vacuuming - ever again :)

Mum said...

Believe me, I went through all your pain as I read your post! No vacuuming for me then for a while.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

oooooohhhh sounds so sore. Will you miss it ?

I had a horrid warty thing on my lip as a child... tried everything rubbing mince on it( just remembered that ! ) tying cotton around it ( tricky ) In the end it was to be frozen off & I needed a jab in my lip. My mother told me " It won't hurt " and the nurse had to correct her & tell me, " I'm afraid it will hurt "

It did... a lot !

I'm sure there IS a wart fairy - hope you get your reward xx

justjill said...

There should be a LIKE button on here!
My aim is to raise a smile, and when I get comments that make me laugh out loud, or smile back I hope I have. Thanks girls.