Sunday, 25 November 2012

Love fish!

I think fishermen are really brave.

This picture, above, shows blue skies, calm seas, and out goes a fishing boat.  Sailing past the Golden Horn (Fraserburgh Harbour Light.)  (Much straighter than when I paint it.)

In all seas and weathers, out they go, into the North Sea.

And back again.

Smaller boats stay closer to the shore and drop off their lobster and crab traps.

The crabs and the fish go straight from the harbour to the fish processing factories close by.

Crabs.  Nothing is wasted.  The fish guts go back to the crab fishermen as bait for their cages.

Filleting Coley.


John Dory, now where did it get that name from?  Well, all manner of answers to that one.   Jules Verne reckoned it was from the word Janitore, alluding to Saint Peter who held the keys to heaven.  The fish was apparently presented to Jesus, by the fishermen of Galilee. 


As you will have seen the preparation of the fish is done in very hygienic surroundings and is also carried out swiftly.  Then it is off to Spain, some to England, any Brill (not pictured) goes straight to the Asian Communities.

Fishing from Fraserburgh has  occurred for centuries.  By sail, steam, now the boats are powered by diesel.

The catches are much bigger.

But it is still hands on in the preparation for our tables.

And the payment to the processors is still often worked out on piecework.  Though it is a bit more than 10d a barrel nowadays.


Anonymous said...

wow, amazing isn't it, such a had life, but I think its in them to be fisherman, dangerous profession!I really enjoyed this,

Mum said...

Love from Mum


What an excellent post ...I really enjoyed reading it .. so interesting and just loved all the photos. I know nothing of fishing or fish like to eat it though!

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

We take it for granted sometimes, I think, just how much danger they put themselves in so that we can have fish for tea. Thanks for the reminder. xx

Anonymous said...

Jill is too modest to say that the last picture of the herring quines (doric for women) is her artwork.

justjill said...

Never been called modest before.