Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Birds wet and dry.

Black Headed Gull.

Common Scoter.  A duck.

As is this a duck, Eider Duck.  This is the one that's feathers fill your eiderdown.

So, possibly a good reason to go for synthetic?

The much maligned Herring Gull.

Scavengers, pluck your fish and chips from your hands, or your burgers, whatever.  Called Scurries up here in the North East of Scotland.


Back inland, first up in the morning is the Coal Tit.

And last to leave as night falls.

Beautiful birds, wet or dry.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots! DP's work?

justjill said...

Of course! Make sure you bring your camera on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos (especially the first), and a good lesson in bird identification for me too! I've never heard of "scurries" but I learned long ago to be wary of gulls if ever eating outside in Aberdeen!