Friday, 9 November 2012

Playing shops.

Didn't we all do this as children?  Cardboard boxes piled up, food tins borrowed from the kitchen.  
When my children were small I saved all the cardboard boxes, rice, oxo cubes, cereals, etc.  

Nowadays there seems to be little imagination and one coughs up for an expensive facsimile.  With plastic fruit and vegetables, what on earth is wrong with the real stuff?

But oh, a book shop.  Heaven!

Yesterday I did my weekly stint on the front desk in the Lighthouse Museum.  Taking the money from the tourists, yes, we still get them, and how thrilled they are to find us open.

Sitting on the floor were 13 boxes stacked up.  So in between being the welcoming face and sorting out times for tours to go up the lighthouse, which has to be done with a guide, I assisted the merchandising manager in opening the boxes......

And then we arranged them on the shelves.  13 boxes of books.  I was drooling. (sorry).  

There are more than books in the shop.  And more to come before Christmas.  Christmas?  I thought it had already come!

As the pile of books I put 'on one side' grew larger and larger, I got my Christmas presents sorted.


BadPenny said...

What a super shop full of goodies. I'm always disappointed when I go in an RNLI shop.... never much in them. My mother lived in the old coast guard house at Penmon on Anglesey right by the lighthouse so had many lighthouse themed presents & books. We loved holidays there. Could walk right out to the lighthouse at low tide & I loved hearing the bell at night.

I did my second stint in the community centre box office yesterday & was very pleased with myself as I managed to make bookings take telephone call bookings, help some stranded table tennis players ( who were locked out of the village hall ) and chat to people just popping in to use the computers or choose a book. Not paid work but rewarding in other ways.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine said...

What a great place to work, surrounded by books!

I don't remember playing "shop," but I was always busy playing "house" with my two friends from next door.