Saturday, 3 November 2012


First the good news!  My granddaughter has not got meningitis.  She is back home.  She still has the rash.  And she has to return in two weeks for another blood test to ensure all is back to normal.  Phew.

 Our days have been sunny, but cold, and that leads to perfect clear skies in the evenings and - the Northern Lights!  This photograph was taken by my friend Lesley, who lives at Rathen, and is an expert, nay ace, capturer of the Northern Lights.

In the very early morning light, which is now about 7.30a.m. (please, please, let us carry on with the clocks going back as it would be misery otherwise), the deer gathered in the field behind us.

The Dawn Patroller (DP) is able to get oot and aboot.  This pond is just down the lane.  And the Whooper Swans have taken it over.

The Teal wheel about and also come into land - if there is room.

The DP is considering going freelance.  I think this means he might get paid for his photographs, but then, he enjoys doing it.  Last weekend he did the photographs for the Fraserburgh Herald on the Lighthouse Museum's Halloween event.  Last night he was asked by Theatre Modo to photograph the parade and fireworks which took place in Fraserburgh.

There were 600 teenage children from all around taking part.  They had been involved, over the last few weeks, with costumes, learning how to handle fire, drum, handle puppets 3 storeys high, walk on stilts, and so on. This has been going on for weeks at various venues, their getting ready.  One place used was the fish market at the harbour.

Then, last night, they paraded.  Above are the drummers.

 A stilt walker.

The evening finished with a firework extravaganza paid for by Mr Shell.  We make the most of our oil rich tycoons, milking our seabeds. Huh.

The theme was about the Lighthouse, in 1556 the Edward Bonaventure ran aground, carrying the Russian Ambassador, and all his gold, which was never recovered (!)   So they needed a lighthouse!

Fantastic happenings in the North East of Scotland.


saving for travel said...

So glad to hear you little grand daughter is ok.

What wonderful natural wonders you have-I would love to see the Northern Lights and those Whopper Swans are beautiful.

Another great celebration too.

Sft x

Laura Amy said...

Loving the Maelstrom photos -- brilliant captures of a brilliant event!

Haven't looked at mine yet but know for a fact they won't be this good.. I got a tad distracted by cake. Oops!

So glad to hear about your granddaughter =]


Beverley said...

pleased about your grand daughter Jill - worrying time for you all.

Bev x

BadPenny said...

So relieved to hear about your little grand daughter x

I hope the DP does get paid for his fabulous photos.

That procession looks amazing as do the Northern Lights - stunning.

Susan T said...

That must be an enormous relief for you Jill.

Smashing photos as ever, particularily the one of the Northern Lights, it is my ambition to see those one day, now I know where to come!

Lynn said...

Smashing news about the baby :)
I tried to leave a comment last night but Blogger was being a blogger!
Hope you got my letter. Hope it wasn't too loopy!

Mum said...

So glad about GD and good luck to DP if he decides to go freelance. He'll be doing what he likes best. Looks like everyone is having a great time in the North East of Scotland. :)
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Wondrous happenings up your way - but the best news is that your granddaughter is okay. Hooray!

Marjorie said...

Glad your granddaughter is okay. Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your good news about your little one. :) xx