Monday, 26 November 2012

Roses in November.

At last I obtained a Rambling Rector Rose.  Having seen this wondrous plant on my friend Lynn's blog spot,  I saw an offer from David Austen Roses and went for it.  This was months ago and I had forgotten all about it.

It arrived on Saturday.  The DP graciously went out and dug a large hole.  I put the rose into a trug and it was soaked over night.  Yesterday, in the pouring rain, the DP planted the rose.  Fingers crossed.

I wish!

Now we are into Winter.  Bit wet.   

Cait Sith (Garlic/Gaelic for Fairy Cat - got that wrong didn't we, )  pretending he doesn't look totally ridiculous in a small box.  Anyone else remember a childrens'
 book, My Cat Likes Boxes?

I have to go down to the shed/Summerhouse/drinking den/opera theatre a wee bit earlier these wintry days.  The sun sets at 3.30p.m.  

But still does it magnificently.  My view from the shed.

More like a factory as I churn out the wet hens.  I am so enjoying this though!

And there are even more on the go.

And, despite awful photo, a rose blooming in November.


Mum said...

I'm sure Cait Sith can be very dainty when he wants to be.
Love from Mum

A Trifle Rushed said...

All three of my children loved 'my cat likes to hide in boxes' we particularly like the cat from Norway, who got stuck in the doorway!
Hope your roses are settling in and not getting too wet:-)

♥ Tina said...

Love your hennies! :) Hope your new rose blooms beautifully too. xx

Marjorie said...

Love your hen paintings.

BadPenny said...

Cats squease into ridiculous places ! Billy who is huge is squashed into a basket - his favourite snooze place. frankie of course is on my bed & Finn is here there & everywhere !
Bramble is over the road with Margaret. I hope he is calming her as she has a horrible day in hospital today.

I love the wet hens especially the blue ones.

Good luck with the roses !

justjill said...

If you mean the all blue ones Penny, comment me your snail mail - I will not publish - and I will send you one.

Rambler said...

I have dabbled with watercolours but I'm fascinated with the effect you've got on the top middle one - the all blue hen. It's gorgeous; could you explain how to do that, please? If you merely drop wet paint into wet paint, how do you keep the shape correct without it running and streaking?
R xx

justjill said...

Well its quite a learning curve. One trick is to just use translucent water colours, I have a list if you are interested, or dont know them. You wet the paper where you want the colour to go, then do almost a pointilist thing, just keep adding the colour, do a wet thing elsewhere and the more you add the less the colour seeps into the next weird, but its really exciting, i have loads where it didnt work as I learned what to do, but when it works,the colours are so vibrant. Well. Difficult to explain, just go for it! If you want to know more, give me more of how to contact you.