Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Our craft group met this morning at the Seamens Mission in Fraserburgh.  

Our task to make paper flowers.

Although there were the odd Christmas Trees around.  Just take a magazine, Readers Digest, and fold.

Poppies were the favourite, and very effective, although really we should have made them prior to Sunday, Remembrance Day in the UK, when most people wear a poppy.

There were about fifteen of us at it for two hours.  Had great fun.  Although there is always one who lowers the tone.

The view from the window.  


Just as an aside, there is a movement in the Broch (Fraserburgh) to encourage someone to open a Fish restaurant.  The big drawback is that there are few places with a sea view or even a harbour view as the fish processing factories do rather get in the way.  Dare not mention the Mission as it does such sterling work, but what a view for a restaurant this would be!

Oddly, the Mission does have a cafe, but it is at the rear of the building and has no views whatsoever!

More crafts above.  The fishermen sort out their nets on this pier.  They lay out the nets and repair them, where necessary, and straighten out the lines.  The brightly coloured floats often feature in local artists pictures, including mine.

And finally, my craft, or should I say one I am practising!  This is supposed to be a depiction of the lights that topped the Buoys, in the past.  Initially fuelled by paraffin, (or even whale oil), then gas canisters, now electric powered by solar panels.  These lights are huge.

The Lighthouse Museum has tons of the things.  Stacked up in the store room.  At some stage when, nay WHEN, we get round to sorting out the store room, some will be kept, they are all labelled as to where they came from, and some will be sold.  Now I have just the place for one of these, if not two, out in this garden, three miles from the sea, could well be a beacon for Santa's craft.


Mum said...

All you need now is the grass skirt and the lei.
Love from Mum

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Love the red colour wash in that painting!

Jill in case you don't pop back to knitsofacto I answered your comment there with a yes, of course it's okay to give the trees a go in paint, just don't forget to show us if you do :D

Susan T said...

I think you look rather becoming in the photo. We could do with one of those lights in our kitchen, three of our spotlights have gone out and past experiance tells me it will be a while before they are replaced.

BadPenny said...

The lady in turquoise looks like she's a judge on the Generation Game !!! and you look great - Mum is right !

Those lanterns will sell well I'm sure. Lovely crafting xx

Anonymous said...

Very fetching Jill! Will you be wearing flowers on Saturday? :) xx