Friday, 16 November 2012

Lighthouse happenings and other stuff.

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse will shine again on the 1st December 2012 - her 225th Birthday. On that night Kinnaird Head will be the ONLY manned Lighthouse in the British Isle. 

The Museum of Scotti
sh Lighthouses is auctioning the chance to become a lighthouse keeper on that night.

If your bid is successful, you will perform the duties of the lighthouse keeper for a 4 hour shift. Your main task will be to wind the light's mechanism every 30 minutes to continue the light's rotation.

The lucky bidders will also be treated to an extended tour of Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.

Four shifts are available, and will be auctioned off on eBay:

We are all getting excited about this one!  So far bids for each shift have reached £100.  

The Dawn Patroller had said if there was one no-one wanted he would do it.  But apparently plenty people do!

Along with this has been a raffle , the winner gets to actually turn the light on, and this is not just flicking a switch.

Meanwhile I plod on packaging the Christmas Cards of our design winner, now on sale in the Museum shop.  50 done so far, another 50 to go.

The DP printed the cards.  The amount well justified us buying one of these efforts that scores where the fold is going, so away I went.  Quite impressive!

If we all carry on like this the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses will never have to close again!

Back into daylight.  The Dawn Patroller visited the walled garden again.  

So much still in bloom.

Rose of Sharon ?

Blackberry Blossom !  No blackberries this year then.

The DP washed my hair.  No it was nothing like this.


Mum said...

Great news for the lighthouse - quite a going concern. So glad you survived the shampoo and such a pity you couldn't get that other chap in the pic.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff! :) See you tomorrow! xx

Anonymous said...

thats wonderful that it will continue!

Susan T said...

Did the DP take the first photo, a wonderful shot. Good news about the lighthouse.

justjill said...

No the DP didnt take that first pic. I should have said. Its lifted from the Lighthouse facebook page and they dont give credit either! Its a chap who has done quite a few I think his name is Cowley, but I had better check.
It is very good.

justjill said...

He is called Cowie, and has photos of almost every lighthouse in the UK. In the full pic it shows when the lighthouse was lit for the millenium. For some odd reason this one is just showing the haunted wine tower.

BadPenny said...

I think that is a rose of Sharon - pretty.

How is your scalp ? If husband did my hair I'd be bruised ! You'd think with his strength he'd give a good back massage... he doesn't !
As you say, " Sheesh !!!"