Monday, 19 November 2012

Mondays Mixings.

Work has started at Cairnbulg Harbour.  It is only a small harbour, with of course much history.  But via a grant is being dredged and improved.  This shows the machines depositing the dredgings below the high water mark.  No I dont know what that achieves, presumably a deeper harbour?

The Harbour as is.

Anyone else get spooked by Google?  Looking for images and info I come across eldest daughter and grandson at Cairnbulg Harbour.

The Dawn Patroller gets out whenever he can.  Why there were this many seagulls wheeling about we dont know, no ploughing which usually brings them, but a pleasant sight.

The sunset going down behind Mormond Hill.  I have been able to view different sides of this from both our houses here in the North East of Scotland.

Mormond Hill (Scottish Gaelic A' Mhormhonadh, meaning the great hill or moor) is a large hill in AberdeenshireScotland not far from Fraserburgh. The villages of Strichen and New Leeds can be found at its foot hills.
It also has a smattering of disused satellite dishes and masts on top, remnants from Cold War NATO communications and British Telecom having a presence on the site. Wikepedia.

Yesterday the DP risked life and limb being mowed down by Half Marathon Runners from the Broch.  We were the  half way mark.  

Getting Ready -
for the OFF!

Some of the runners were totally mad, well I think anyone who runs is totally mad.

And some made me feel ashamed.

I remained down the shed surrounded by wet hens.


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Love the hens!

My son ran a full marathon recently, his first. I was in awe (I've always known he was crazy) ;)

BadPenny said...

Can I buy the wet hens ? I love them !!!

Running isn't for me either !

justjill said...

Well, thankyou Penny. Initially this began as a request from a daughter for Christmas, I now have quite a flock of them. If I consider any of them passing muster, I may well send some winging to you. No charge.

BadPenny said...

ooh thank you Jill.

In memory of Lucy, Ruby, Roxy & Breese - my sweet sadly departed Hennypennys !

justjill said...

Have you got any pics of them?

BadPenny said...

Yes of course I do ! - will have to dig deep tho' which is more than I can say for them.... they - the ones Mr Fox didn't get - went in the bin !!!

justjill said...

Well lets have them please, and I will do my best. x

Anonymous said...

Running surely is bad for your joints! I don't do it either.

Your wet hens are fantastic. You're so talented. They look a bit Japanesey to me. Is there a kind of Japanese wet-ink style of painting?

Bri said...

I'm a Brocher who's now based a longway from home (Brasil)
Born and raised at 49 George St, Broadsea Fraserburgh.

Love the images you have posted.

The home page shot of the Broch breakwater was instantly recognisable to me as an ex-fisherman.

Just saw it by chance on a google image search.

Thanks for the blog/pictures.

justjill said...

Welcome Bri.