Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lonmay Public Hall.

This photograph was taken last year.  Some may remember we came third in a quiz there, which was the start of raising money to keep the hall going.  Since then the windows have been replaced, and a lot of work done to the place.  All thanks to various organisations, including Shell, Aberdeenshire Council, etc.(And the quiz night).
 Work continues.

Last night was the first concert to be held there in fifty years!  The Scottish Accordion Music Group no less.

The place was packed, we were on the back row. 

As you can see, everyone enjoyed the evening.  Not just music but stories, very funny ones, if you could understand the Doric, which they were related in.  (I just laughed when everyone else did).  
Also unaccompanied singing in Gaelic.  Or as I have now been told its pronounced Garlic.

Now, as you have gazed on these photographs, you may well have come to the realisation that this lot are not in their first youth.

Please now look at this chap in the middle, the drummer no less, 91 years old and never missed a beat.

Now I am not very good at this video lark, so, put your head on one side, ok.  Then press play.

 When the interval came and the 91 year old drummer had to be lifted bodily by four people as he had siezed in the sitting at the drums position, carried off the stage, and out of the hall, the Dawn Patroller had to sit on me, stuff my mouth with my scarf, as I  commenced my hysterical laughing.  This does not happen very often, thank goodness, but when it does, I just cannot stop.  (Think of the noise a donkey makes.)

I had been watching him closely throughout the first half and I have never ever seen anything like it.  Just fantastic, unbelievable.

When he was brought back in for the second session I turned my eyes to other performers in case I set off again and was thrown out.

Unfortunately I was past the sensible stage and when this fantastic voice came out, from a lady way past Susan Boyle's age I was gone.  Singing about her Grandmother, sadly there is no hope for me, as all I could think about was years ago in Yates's Wine Bar.  Now you have to have been there in the 60s to know what I am on about.  

All this was after a week I would rather forget about, so yesterday evening was the best antidote ever I could have wished for.

Getting out of the car park, and manoeuvring  round fifty four by fours was yet another hysterical experience, the hall is in the middle of nowhere, narrow country lanes and the cemetery, a church that is now a house, a school that is now a house, all in complete darkness, no street lights out here, it was total mayhem.

So finally  I went to bed, only to be told by my friend Lesley,this morning  that five minutes later, this happened.

Nae so bad having nae lichts after all.


Mum said...

I think the rest of the family are wondering what I'm laughing at upstairs. The mind boggles. Shame you missed the lights.
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

I have to admit being a terrible giggler. I am just glad I wasn't sat beside you when the old chap had to be carried out, bless him, I would have lost it completely. With you honking and me snorting they would have closed the place down. A fantastic last shot. I would love to see the skies like that.

BadPenny said...

You are awful...but I like you !

At a recent evening out a paramedic suddenly appeared & carted someone off by the side of the stage, through the fire exit.
We heard later that an ambulance was outside.
I uttered " Was it for the person who was tapping annoyingly & loudly after SOMEONE DECKED THEM ?!

Sadly not.

Wonderful lights sorry you missed them.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I was of course compelled to read this post to the Mr. - difficult as I was giggling hysterically, but I managed - and he has had to go and get a drink of water he laughed so much.

Please tell us, when you say they brought the 91 year old back onto the stage, was he still in the drumming position?

Gorgeous lights, in fact, wow!

busybusybeejay said...

What a night!So funny.

justjill said...

Annie, he had managed to get vertical for coming in for the second half, but the DP frogmarched me out as I was wanting to see him leave at the end, and he knows me too well.
He was a brilliant drummer. But when he bent sideways to hit the cymbal I thought he was a goner.