Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bloggers Unite!

It is so wonderful to find friends where you would least expect them.  Being very wary of the internet and all things reportedly scary.  But gaining friends via blogging, by the time you meet them face to face you are already friends.  We three have now had quite a few meetings.

Writing from Scotland, by Christine Laennec and  Today we met up at my home stomping ground the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, in Fraserburgh.  

There are ten years between us, me being the oldest.  Thats me in the middle, you knew?! Ha! Estee Lauder not working then.

We all came bearing gifts.

Amazing, this has so many answers to all my questions.  Seriously, this afternoon I devoured this book, oh!, right! lets try that!

And me, this beginner in crocheting - well.  Not only did I get the book, but also a demonstration from Tina!  No excuse now.  And lots of patterns, scary!, from both blogging friends.

The MAIN thing of today was how lovely to meet again and share again, and feel again, so good to have friends from wherever they came.  Thankyou.


Anonymous said...

It was really, really good to see you! I had a fab time, and it was great to finally see the lighthouse museum and hear more about all the great community projects going on there! Thanks again for your great company and the fabulous flapjacks! :) xxx I'll be blogging about it soon too!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear you've reverted to that 'ridiculous clump of hair hanging over your face' look again. Not a good look.

justjill said...

It would appear we have dear anonymous back again, who takes great exception to my hair style, not a lot I can do, really. And if that is all she, I assume it it a she, it usually is, so sad, has to object to - well so be it. Have a go at my painting, a go at my spelling, anything other than my hair style. Whats yours like dear anonymous?

Anonymous said...

what a great visit you had, lots of inspiration sounds like as well,

BadPenny said...

Hair over one side is very trendy !
Wish I'd been there too. Blog friends are wonderful.

Yesterday four of us worked together at the charity shop. We got so much done & the company was lovely. We popped to the pub for a drink afterwards as wanted to continue being together. I've known these women for years but feel that I'm really getting to know them now. It was very special like your day was.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

The best of blogging and the worst of blogging ... lovely blog friends and silly anonymous comments.

I love meeting up with chums I've got to know through blogging ... but I'm always terrified I will not be what they're expecting and they will dislike me on sight, daft or what!