Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wet on wet.

Great Black Backed Gull.

This is my first attempt at wet on wet. 

This is where you wet the paper and then drop in the colour, and keep on doing so.  I was on a roll, found it very exciting.  Not sure whether the hen did.  I havent quite got there yet, I need to be far braver and slosh it on.

Speaking of being wet, I cant be, no showers, not to get arm wet.  The DP is to shampoo my hair tomorrow which should be an interesting experience for both of us.

Should imagine we will both be very wet.  Although not the arm, no, not the arm.


Lynn said...

When Steve had to wash my hair we both got soaked!

Mum said...

Doesn't look a bit like a great black backed gull! Good luck with the hairdresser.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

great job on the hen, its fun to experiment with new to us techniques, good look with the hair washing, take care,

Susan T said...

Good luck, let's hope your other half is better at washing hair than mine is making Christmas Cakes!

Grammy Braxton said...

Found you through Mum's Simply Living Blog and have read through a few of your posts. I think I'm really going to enjoy keeping up with you. If you would like, my blog is at

Have a great day. Hope your arm feels better soon.


Anonymous said...

I recognise that hen! Love the technique, it's very effective!

Good luck with the hair-washing, I bet you can't keep quiet while he's doing it, lol! (hope your arm is healing nicely and isn't as sore now) xx

BadPenny said...

I love that hen ! lovely technique.

I wouldn't let my husband wash my hair - good luck ! xx