Sunday, 11 November 2012

Slowing down.

It is Autumn.

Grinding to a halt.

Well, for some like me.  But not for others.

I can only just move with the amount of layers of clothing I have on.

That is my excuse.  Although I can usually get down the shed.

But some people never stop!


Mum said...

I hope you've got heating in your shed!
Love from Mum

justjill said...

Fear not Mum, I have indeed. It's a pretend wood burning stove, quite noisy, tho Pavarotti drowns it out ok.

Anonymous said...

I just found you today from a friends blog list, I'm so glad I have.I hav been reading some of your posts, the light house museum sounds amazing, the watercolor technique really interesting and it was so funny to read about you and your tights!! Best wishes from Canada!

BadPenny said...

We have a noisy pretend wood burner in our lounge oh one day for the real thing !!!

justjill said...

Welcome Laurie, if I have made you smile I am happy.