Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Wednesday witterings.

The DP took my car down the road to the garage which is across the field from our house.  So as I was without a car no Prom.

Bitterly cold again.  This is the front and side of the garden to the front.  Where the sun did hit the frost has nearly gone.

The DP stoked up the wood burner and I went down to the Shedudio.  

Began painting a lion.  No they don't live in Buchan but my Grandson has requested a painting of a lion.  Not sure he will like the one I am doing, so I may have to do a more normal one!  Will show you tomorrow as all progress ceased when my friend and fellow artist came to visit.  She can talk and paint at the same time, I cannot!  

Her partner came too as he was fixing some new inside walls in the living room wood burner.  He supplied and installed the stove in the Shedudio.  

My view out of the doors of the Shedudio.  At the rear of the house the sun does not get at this time of year, it is too low when it moves round to heat anything up.

3.30 p.m.

My friend departing to collect partner and go home.

I was behind her - obviously!

Sitting room windowsill Christmas fun - Santa and Reindeer.

My main achievement today was painting again.  Had a bit of a block with all that has been happening health wise and the other stresses e.g. the washing machine farce.

My car will be fixed tomorrow, not sure if that will give me time to get to the Prom.  Then Friday we have another storm tail end of on its way.  Hey ho.


Chris Elliot said...

Love your new header photo, Jill! I keep meaning to change mine.

Living Simply - Living Well said...

Nice to see your garden Jill, it looks so neat and tidy.

mamasmercantile said...

Loved the glass mushrooms in your garden, beautiful. Hopefully the storm will not be as bad as predicted.

Louise Stopford said...

You live in a beautiful place. I absolutely love your garden and am very envious. Hope you get to the Prom tomorrow and the storm is not too bad. Keep the garden photo's coming (I love having a nosy around other people's gardens.