Thursday, 6 December 2018


Still no car.  Had I had the car I would have gone out as by lunch time the darkness and rain had disappeared.  And no frost today..

I got some exercise as it was Pulmonary Physio exercises which I am now faithfully doing every other day as that is now all I have to keep me going.

Not happy.  No car and nothing to say exactly when today it would be done.

The DP lit the stove, fed the birds, all ready for me to go down to the Shedudio.  So I did.  

Also I was expecting the chap who has been promising to show me shopping bags with my paintings on which I intended to be Christmas gifts.  He was also supposed to come yesterday and didn't.  He didn't come today either.  Now have steam coming out of ears.  So plan B for Christmas gifts.....  I try to shop local but plan B involves Germany. 

So this is the Lion begun.


I have enjoyed the painting today.  

As it got darker I watched the birds and the sky as night set in.

The sky beginning to darken.

Then a bit of pink .

Not much light now.  The birds are about ready to go and roost.

We did have a visitor after all.  A lovely friend from our tourism days.  He is still involved and he and his wife run the fantastic self catering cottages at Mill of Nethermill, which is by the village of Pennan, made famous in the film 'Local Hero', starring Burt Lancaster.  

Our friend's wife has a pottery - Millshore Pottery.  

Great to see him and he never fails to make me laugh.

A happy note to end the day.

The DP is away to his Photographic Society this evening and I am waiting for the message to say my car will be done by the morning.....


Jean. said...

I think I am going to love your lion, looking forward to seeing it finished. Those bags sound a great idea and a lovely present to receive. Sometimes Jill, I wish I had days when I could just have nothing on my to do list, just time to "stand and stare", ending with a visit from a lovely friend. Hope your bags and car arrive soon.

Catsngrams said...

Jill I love the lion. Can't wait until it is done. You are so talented. No car! oh I would feel so stranded. Sometimes hubby takes my car and leaves his truck for me and I hate to drive it so I am stranded in a sense. Funny thing I have my car and no place to go but when I do not have my car I can think of so many places I need to go. Oh well.
Take care.


DUTA said...

Perhaps you should try the alternative approach. Conventional medicine has little or nothing to offer to people with a chronic illness.You've complained of breathlessness and they let you go home with nothing. Maybe they have nothing, but you should definitely not accept that.
For a start try and google to see what the alternative treatments to your health issue are. I know that supplements such as Omega 3, vitamin E and vitamin C do wonders.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you managed to get the car back I know how reliant you are on it to get out and about. The start of the lion painting looks amazing.