Monday, 29 April 2013

Show and Tell, and a lot about North East Art.

This is Harvey.  A rescued greyhound, owned by a lady who lives in Lincoln.  A friend on Facebook, (will not go into they whys and wherefores!) She posted this photograph and I asked if I could paint from it.

The above is my take on the beautiful Harvey, which I subsequently posted on FB, along with the pencil sketch.  Well, dear readers, this received so many comments and praise, I hang my head to hide my blushes.  So overcome was I, I mounted the dog (FRAMED IT), and sent it off, along with the sketch also mounted,(means FRAMED) to the owner of Harvey.  I even paid the postage.

I then was asked, "Do mine, do mine."

Hey up, I dont spend hours down the shed, albeit I enjoy it, giving away the results of my blood, sweat and tears, and expensive paint, paper, mounts, cellophane packaging, do I?

But, here is another Harvey, a Bengal cat, isnt he just so-o-o-o beautiful?

The above was after he had returned from capturing a huge fish, which he devoured, and then sprawled out on an expensive shawl.

Who?   Me?

So, theres me, down the shed, .......capturing Harvey the cat, well, trying to.  All work in progress.  Apart from the one top right which will be on the Wall of Infamy as its so wrong....

Fortunately for me, no one owns the deer, so I can do my take on it and paint it and hopefully sell it.

And now, a proper artist.  Louise M. Hewitt is exhibiting in the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses from tomorrow.  My first proper exhibitor which I am responsible for.  But not paid for.

 Inspired by the spectrum of light created by the lights within the Museum she has, for some years, expanded that inspiration.

I have organised, planned, hopefully got all the bits and pieces ready for her to 'hang', done the publicity.  Tomorrow I will be tested.  If I can get this one right I can relax a wee bit, as next month we have the Gardenstown Collective exhibiting.  And more exhibitions each month......

You just would not believe how many artists there are in this part of the world, and those who appreciate it.

This morning I visited my mate Doug Irvine who frames my pictures professionally, (rather than me recycling a charity shop frame, which invariably crashes to the floor, as I havent done it very well.)  

We have coffee and a good craik (chat).  

But this morning two men joined us.  

One a Funeral Director, and t'other a Deep Sea Fisherman with a hu-u-ge trawler, almost as big as a cruise ship, and I kid you not, kitted out within as good as a cruise ship.  And these two turned out to be collectors of Art.  Now then, chatting away, it evolved one has been to an auction recently where pictures were being 'knocked down' over the £100,000 mark.  

I sat down -  on the floor.

"I didna like the jug and the flairs.  By some colourist?  That went for 130 thou."

"But I did pick up one for ye to sort out the nicks in the frame Doug."

I did manage a whisper, "So ye dinna wish to lik at mine?"

Show and tell.  The name of the Joiner who makes the casks that gae in the lair, and the Fisherman who sails the seas I shall not tell.

But I would be interested to know your take on me and my paintings and actually asking for them to be paid for?


Susan said...

I think your art is worth paying for unless you wish to give it as a gift. If you have framed art it is worth the price of framing at the very least. Sorry I'm not close enough to make it to your exhibitions.

Anonymous said...

wow, sounds like you should certainly have them check YOUR paintings out! They have some expensive tastes and work is definitely u to the task!

Anonymous said...

Clever you! What a sweet-faced dog. xx

BadPenny said...

Didn't you sell some paintings before ? I think you should after all the hard work. Try it and see !
Lovely Harveys

Mum said...

It's your decision as to what is going to happen to your paintings. You know the amount of work that you put in, organising, painting, framing etc.. Your hobby does not 'come cheap', does it?
Love from Mum

Marjorie said...

I would definitely buy some of your work and I am not just saying that. Love the greyhound. You caught his soul in that painting. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Jill I hope you know what my answer to your question is! I think it's lovely when you choose to give your art as a gift (thank you for my Tilly painting) but it's important to value your work as well, and not give it away all the time. Keep showcasing your art! You have a real talent, and a very individual "eye" especially with animals.

A Trifle Rushed said...

Please do mine too! What a wonderful greyhound portrait, I'm not surprised your getting such praise and admiration, well done.