Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday - Feathered Friends - or foes?

We actually had snow over night, but at day break there was left only small evidence in hedgerows.

The Pink Footed Geese saw the Dawn Patroller coming towards them.

And began to move.

Up and away.

A beautiful morning.  As lunch time approached, the skies grew darker, and darker, and then a blizzard of snow blanketed everywhere.  Within half an hour it finished, out came the sun and it was gone...... Weird.

Visitors to our garden today.



We are now closely watching the nest boxes within our garden.  One we have a camera inside.  Though from my vantage point down the shed/artist studio/opera theatre/drinking den I have seen no evidence of any bird even looking at it.  Although the one up our electric pole has had a lot of activity from tree sparrows.

Its exciting int it!

In between watching the birds I am having fun painting a new fanciful flock, well actually two.  The way I paint it takes ages for the paint to dry, so you may as well be doing another.....

More on the one shown yesterday,

And the start of another.  This is to be five hens striking various poses.  It is such fun!

I di hope you are enjoying seeing the stages one goes through, or is it like watching paint dry?


Anonymous said...

beautiful action photos, the geese ahve returned here as well but we are still under snow, a lot of snow!
The chicken paintings are beautiful and I agree, I always enjoyed painting chickens, roosters especially!

A Trifle Rushed said...

I love your hens, and the geese look amazing, we have lovely birds here in Brittany, but with the dog in tow, I only ever see them flying away!

rusty duck said...

So many geese! Great to see.

Marjorie said...

Love those chooks.

saving for travel said...

What beautiful photos. I love Green Finches and Yellow Hammers.

And your paintings are very impressive so far.

What a talent.

Thank you again for your card. That was so kind of you and my SP is going to be so happy having a little snack.

Sft x

Mum said...

I'm enjoying seeing it all.
Love from Mum