Thursday, 11 April 2013

Walking the plank.

The second and last Kids Activity Mornings at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, for the  Easter School Holidays.  Downhill for me to July sheesh.

Our second week we had, yet again, over 70 children.  But this week not only did they come with Mum or Dad, or both, but also Grannies, Grandpas, Aunties and Uncles came too!  Probably people they dragged in off the streets, well thats what it felt like.  And so many dressed as Pirates, even the adults.

The wee ones too.

Gathered together at story time.

Anastacia, Peter Pan's crocodile, and the alarm clock, (which is bigger than the croc. whoops.)

We had an ace story teller, The Blacksmiths Daughter, who did songs too.

Prizes for the best costume (homing in on a home made costume rather than shop bought.)  and every child got a gold coin, made of chocolate.  Plus all the wonderful stuff they had created, telescopes, masks, hats, hooks to replace their hand, lanterns, flags, their own pirate pictures laminated, jigsaws, parrot puppets, pirates from loo rolls, almost everything made from recycled stuff.

And finally, the volunteers who made it all possible.

So relieved, no one fell off the plank.


Anonymous said...

what a great time, so relieved no one fell off the plank, lol!!!!

Laura Amy said...

This looks like a ridiculous amount of fun, but I bet you're all exhausted! Good on you all.

rusty duck said...

What a turnout!
Another well deserved glass of red I hope.

Anonymous said...

that's not a Merganser