Thursday, 25 April 2013

A New Spring to ones bow.

Proper April weather.  Rain followed by sun shine.  April showers.  Also showered now with birds.  Migrants, birds displaying and pairing off.  

Down on the sea shore.  Pied Wagtail above.  Just look at the colour of those rocks. Definitely a painting there.

Wheatear below.

And up in the sky, Oyster catchers, in formation.

Inland.  The Feathered Ones also feeling Spring is in the air.

Not impressed.

Possibly impressed?

And even closer to home, a first for our garden, a Blackcap.

We are warming up a bit weather wise.  The garden is certainly showing signs and grass is growing, daffodills are in full bloom and tulips are all in bud.  Last year I planted quite a lot of bulbs.....and all seem to be successful.  Just hoping the Summer bulbs do the same.

This week I have started to plan the Summer Kids Activity Mornings at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, in July school holidays, with a Sea Birds theme.  Plus the One Thousand Sea Birds Challenge for the Art/Craft Gallery at the same.  Done extra stints at the same as our beloved manager is taking a well deserved holiday.  Plus my usual Art Groups, Wednesday Morning and Thursday afternoon.  Tomorrow more planning, but actually a day off, Saturday a very long shift at the museum.  So tonight - a glass of the red stuff.  

I know some of you haven't got spring yet

and some are a bit in front of us, do hope I have these right, its the first time I have tried to link.

A new spring to my bow.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, good for you to add another spring to your bow. You're never afraid to tackle a challenge! Your bird photos are lovely. Today in Aberdeen we had a cold breeze, then sun, then hailstones from a very dark cloud, then warm sun again. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

no, not much spring here but from the magic of blogging I can visit beautiful places like this!Thank you so much for sharing, we will all be complaining of the heat soon,although it never gets too warm here! I should not have said that I very well may have jinxed myself!

BadPenny said...

link working !

glass of champagne to look at on my blog - which will hopefully be drunk at a Spring wedding on Saturday !

rusty duck said...

Beautiful goose. It just has an itchy chin.
Have a good day off.