Sunday, 7 April 2013

Convalescence now allowed......?

One of the 70 plus wee pirates who came to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses on Thursday.

The following day I was doing my volunteering stint on the admissions desk and in the shop.  We have a new till!  Which sounds very much like the dustbin lorry in reverse.
6 a.m. Saturday I was up, sorting out paintings, cards, pasting table, curtain to cover over, printing off labels and laminating them.  Loading up the car.  Bitterly cold morning but the sun was shining and there was no wind.  Off to the Loch of Strathbeg.

Managed a half decent display, given the short space of time I had to do it all.

Now view this, see the cars, beyond them you can just see a barn, with closed doors.  Well that is where we were, with the doors open.  Holes in the roof, (being a bird reserve they dont want to stop the birds nesting), it was COLD..... It was warmer outside......  Picturesque piles of straw bales,  I felt like getting inside one... I have never been so COLD.

Inside the barn was a proper artist, illustrates books no less, a wood turner, another artist, a display of stuff by Rosie's Social Enterprises - Aberdeen,  moi and the Grampian Guild of Weavers, 

(Picture taken somewhere warmer.)  They were a great bunch.  Tried to get me to have a go, but by this time I was a block of ice and was worried I would break the spinning wheel.

Inside the actual Visitor Centre, which wasn't much warmer, but didn't have holes in the roof or walls, were jam makers, and other artists and other crafters.  

At one stage the Dawn Patroller (DP) relieved me so I could drive round and blast the car heater to warm up a bit, but it wasn't long before I returned and felt my damaged lungs feel like iron ones.

All good things come to an end and by 3 p.m. we were home.  I sold quite a lot of cards, and received two commissions...... No pressure there then.  I really should get the message and stop pratting about painting things that are true to life (?) and go for the 'hit of colour you dont expect ' 

This art lover (idiot) wants a big picture of three sheep.... and another wants more of these.

Now, what do they say, a boring woman has a tidy house?  

This morning I began to blitz the house, the car, the washing, the sorting,  as I am now totally bored with that and feel a swoon coming on, I raise my glass to you all. Cheers.


Terra said...

I would like to visit you and "your" lighthouse and the craft show. Your sheep and the chicken painting are pretty, so now you need to get busy painting what the people want. I must not be boring, cuz I don't care for house keeping :)

rusty duck said...

Congrats on the commissions.
But about those doctor's orders..

justjill said...

Neither do I Terra, come visit when ever you can!