Thursday, 25 April 2013


Unless someone can tell me how to do it different, I have reluctantly gone to the awful word recognition stuff which drives me mad, as I can never see the numbers/words.  Hopefully it wont be long as I am now getting 11 comments,  10 of which are Spam/rude/and yes I know its a robot, but having got excited at 11 comments having to delete 10 which are disgusting I need a break.


BadPenny said...

well I went into settings & clicked those with Google acc only - but then received fewer comments so unclicked !

The over sexed Robots seem to have stopped though recently !
( They've all come to annoy you )

Poor you - you aren't the first to put back the dreaded word verification.

Right... I'm ready to squint, curse & try try again to read the damned thing !

Mum said...

I hate those word and number things but I also hated having to delete all the anonymous comments from 'the robot'.
Love from Mum
Oh heck, I've got to prove I'm not a robot now!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Alas! The dreaded bot! It escapes me why someone would find it fun to create them! Argh