Monday, 22 April 2013

Bloggers Meeting.

We do occasionally do this.  We are fortunate sometimes to meet up with friends we have made through blogging.  I have been happy to meet up with Tina from and Christine from and today I met up with Marina from Livinglifeintheemptyquarter.

Funny how you meet up with people through your life and hit it off.  

Marina and I had a shared love of fabrics initially.  She made fantastic curtains, drapes, from amazing fabrics. And she sold these from our department store in Fraserburgh, now theres a surprise, we do have a department store in Fraserburgh, called Maitlands.
There were remnants, she sold these off in a wee shop in Strichen and thats how we met.

 We both struggled with selling our beautiful old houses, huge houses, bedrooms numerous, me wanting to downsize, she wanting to get back with her husband working off shore in the oil industry in the United Arab Emirates.  Well we both did it.  

She now has shown all around there in the UAE what an amazing driver she is, (a woman for Allahs sake), hope I am not upsetting anyone here with the mention of Allah, she churns up and down sand dunes, prepares and plans for others on  off roading trips, plans and maps so that any visitor to the country can really enjoy and get the thrill of camping, exploring, the wonderful land that she lives in and respects.  (Not much different really to me, an incomer here, trying to push what we have for tourists!)

From Marina I was given a lovely orange scented candle, one of my most favourite smells... and from me to her a painting of a Roe Deer, yes they do have deer, but they are different.... ok?

Its good to be friends. 


Anonymous said...

Fab stuff, meeting up with fellow-bloggers, int it? xx

Anonymous said...

I think its wonderful that you can meet up in person, it adds another feature to blogging, sounds like beautiful gifts were both received and given!

BadPenny said...

Bloggy meet ups are fun - I haven't done one for ages !
Two very interesting women the pair of you.

Marinab said...

Was wonderful to see you again too Jill - thanks so much for my painting, it's so lovely when a friend gives you a gift they have made themselves! Looking forward to a visit to Sanaiya (industrial area)in Al Ain to find Dolphin picture framers! My blog address for anyone who wants to read it is
Will blog about my Scotland visit once I am "home" and my fingertips have thawed out!

Til the next time :)