Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Its Sandy, no - its Tuesday,

Sorry - a family joke, many years ago one of the children said, "Its sandy!"  and a wee girl from the South of England said, "Its not Sanday its Tuesday."  (They speak funny down there.)

Today it was SANDY.  Strong winds from a different direction to the normal (not so cold)  have whipped up the sand from the beaches on the Moray Coast, which includes Fraserburgh.

See the orange haze?  This is from the top of Kinnaird Head Lighthouse (The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.)

This below, is Tesco's car park, not far from the beach.

More sand in Tesco's car park!

The sand was carried inland in great clouds.

The above were taken from the front of our house.

Sitting down the shed, doing yet another hen painting..... I could hear bits of sand hitting the windows.  The wind has eased a wee bit and the sheep have come out from their huddle, backs to the wind, and are tangoing in the sun shine.

Its exciting int it.


Anonymous said...

wow, amazing photos, sand, who would have thought!I like that joke about Sanday!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised you've had sand blowing everywhere, it's mental here too! Our trees are walloping about like crazy, and the wind keeps making booming noises...ooer! Did you have to stay inside so as not to breathe in the dusty air?

justjill said...

Have been corrected by the DP. Its not all sand, lots of it was soil off the fields, just been ploughed. Hope the fields werent seeded as thats even more money the farmers have lost with this weird weather.

rusty duck said...

Take the camel to Tesco's tomorrow.

Seriously, I hope the air (or lack of it) didn't cause you a problem.

Allan Akers said...

Wow, great pics. Great to see the weather is getting more extreme in Scotland. What's next, raining cod? :)

saving for travel said...

That's incredible.

Reminds me of how windy it was in Norfolk at the weekend.

I'm a girl from the South East of England but I don't speak like that!

Sft x

BadPenny said...

Showed this to husband - he hates it when he's just washed a boat & the wind brings sand ( or soil ) !

Hope it doesn't get in your eyes.