Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday aroond Fraserburgh.

The Dawn Patroller met this chap around 6a.m. today.  Using a long lens, and the light not being that bright, just after dawn, well, thats his excuse, but if you hit on the picture it becomes better.

A Swan.  (didnt we all know.)

Merganser.(no I did not know)

A seal doing what comes naturally, eating a fish.


In between Inverallochy/Cairnbulg and Fraserburgh are the Waters of Philorth, which is a local nature reserve.  With one hell of a beach.

These photos are untouched, this is the colour of the sea, the colour of the sand.

You just have to try and think - minus 3 degrees.......

Its a bit of a dog walkers magnet.  The DP doesn't visit often because of that.  

As the dogs stir up the wild life.  

And as one viewer of this photo pointed out, one of the dogs on the pic is obviously performing what nature does to us all,  and hoped the owner was to remove the result.......

And so, back to watching paint dry.  I am now doing the background for my hens who feel happier, as their ancestors did, in the forest.  I think they will be stood on the straw bales that the human provided as in the original photograph, but am still open to suggestions on this or possibly some divine inspiration.

I havent had much time lately to really go 'into my paintings' as I would like, but just doing a bit of background in odd times has made me happier.

Friday aroond Fraserburgh, tonight its the movies, The Hobbit on dvd and a bottle of red to share. (share? huh)


Anonymous said...

Its a Gadwall not a Merganser :) DP

christinelaennec said...

What beautiful photographs, and your hens are lovely. Have a great weekend, Jill! x

rusty duck said...

That beach is stunning...

DP said...

I didn't get my share of the red.