Thursday, 4 April 2013


Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Kids Activities one of two.  

I have fretted myself for some months about this.  On previous times there were many Lighthouse Volunteers who took the Kids Activity Mornings on board, then , for whatever reason the volunteers took their bats home.  It has been a struggle to gather together some volunteers who wanted the Lighthouse Museum to thrive, so six of us went ahead. 

A Pirate theme.

And oh boy, our work paid off.

And here is me, smiling.  

We had queues out of the door to come in, we gave them colouring in, draw your own pirate, we had templates of lighhouses for them to draw their own version of marauding pirates, make your own telescope, pirate mask, parrot puppet, pirate or parrot figure (using the now banned loo roll inner - excuse me? how many people have actually been diagnosed with whatever from doing crafts using a loo roll inner = nil.)
Make your own telescope, using kitchen paper inners, pirate masks, parrot puppets, pirate and parrot figures, badges, and the most popular craft of all, which everyone wanted to do, was the one  I threw in as a well, as I had  run out of ideas, lets try an old one,was the.......

so simple, make your own hat from just folding paper, went down a storm.

At the end of the session many went up to the cafe for Pirate themed biccies and cakes, and were rewarded by this from Nature.  Out of the window of the cafe, 

A complete Rainbow.

Now lying in a darkened room with, you've guessed it, a glass of red.


Laura Amy said...

Looks like great fun, but I bet you're all exhausted!

rusty duck said...

Well deserved glass of red.

BadPenny said...

Well done Jill. Your hard work paid off. Brilliant to see a crowded room full of happy busy parents & children.

Volunteering is always like that - when I started at the charity shop, we had heaps of volunteers which gradually dwindled but new comers come in bringing fresh blood ( one has become a really good friend )

Really admire your energy & hope you keep well xx

Marjorie said...

Glad the pirate day was a success.

Mum said...

Jill done good!
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

PS I like your hair x

saving for travel said...

What great ideas for making your day a success. You and the other volunteers do a great job.

Thanks for the telescope idea, I'll use that for when we do our Pirates topic at school.

Sft x

Cathy said...

Roll over the Famous Five - here comes the 'Successful Six' lol
Ditto to all the above comments, it looks like you did real good.
Take care

Cathy @ Still Waters

christinelaennec said...

Well done you, that looks like a brilliant day for young and old(er) alike. And the rainbow is fantastic!