Saturday, 27 April 2013

Photography and freeze framing.

Occasionally the Dawn Patroller goes out at night.  

Thursday evenings is the Fraserburgh Photographic Society's meeting.

Quite good for me as I can watch rubbish on the television without lots of snorting in disgust from the DP.  (sometimes its good to watch twaddle, rests the brain).

Wondering what the heck he is getting up to being so late home, these photographs were somewhat of a relief to see.  

So when he told me a friend had offered him this FANTASTIC LENS AT BELOW HALF PRICE, well, if it keeps him occupied so I could possibly watch more rubbish, I gave him the cheque book.

Apparently it is good for things that move..... hitting on them, so to speak, and ha gotcha.  These above were his first go, and have to say, I am impressed.  (though not at our bank balance.)

I however, do not need to bother about zapping moving things, I have to worry about showing that they are moving.


saving for travel said...

Yes those photos are beautiful. I love the lighthouse and the goldfinch.

No wonder you got the cheque book out!

Sft x

rusty duck said...

They are good photos. What is the lens?

justjill said...

Lens is Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM.
Means nothing to me!