Monday, 1 April 2013

Birds in the North East of Scotland.

Whoooo.  Today has been a good day.  Feeling better, (last antibiotic, coffin sized pill, you do have to double check it says by mouth instead of....) 

I went off to Doug Irvine, Picture Framer extroadinaire.  Had coffee.  Chose mounts and frames for three pictures. 

These are three paintings I dont care if I sell as I LIKE THEM.

While I was doing this the Dawn Patroller was visiting a friend who lives in Peterhead.  She has over 30 Waxwings visiting her urban garden.  Okay she provides them with (peeled)
apples, (has to wash bird s*** off her windows),  but, hey, wow.  Waxwings winter here from Scandinavia.  I know we welcome them . (I wish we did the same as generously to other human immigrants).

These birds normally go for the red berries.  

Thank you Supermarkets and Local Authorities who do plant such shrubs as cotoneaster et al.

This afternoon I was down the shed.  Ha whats new.  Whilst I was drawing, painting and pen and inking, there was lots of noise from outside.  

Apart from our neighbour doing his first cut of his  vast lawns, and everyone who passes by has to toot him  on their car horn.... does interfere with Placido reaching his higher notes, the farmer was moving his sheep.  

We had the weigh in, those who have reached the weight, into the transporter and off for....(hands up who had lamb for  lunch on Sunday?)  

The others went back into the field.  And were then joined by the rest of the anorexics. (and dont anyone take offence here, I have personal experience of eating disorders but lets raise a laugh. Always)

Here they come from up the road field, down to our field.  Shepherd and dog and two young men who make strange noises.  Whoop, whistle, whoop, ( doesnt impress me and I have witnessed it doesnt impress sheep either).

Oh , says me, please turn left and eat our ex crap, failed,  wild flower meadow.

But no, they kept on and were then shepherded into the field.

Happy sheep, lots of Neeps (turnips, swedes) and hay, and water,  But, sad, one day soon they will also reach the required weight and be off to death row.  

The great thing is they have had such a wonderful fun life, out in the fresh air, playing, unlike some of the birds everywhere who are not.  Lets all give some thought as to where our food comes from.  And vegetarians - have you heard the scream from a carrot when it is pulled from the earth, so lets all stop being holier than thou and start asking, where did this come from?  Do they use pesticides?  Sorry didnt mean to preach.  This was supposed to be about the Birds.

So to my long gone beautiful free range Greenbrae Gang, our last home, and our last hens.  Who I hasten to add did not end up in the pot.  

Lots more birds in the NE of Scotland,, beautiful, interesting, awesome, paintable, wonderful.


rusty duck said...

Love, love, love the puffin..
Glad you're feeling better Jill.

BadPenny said...

wonderful paintings photos & wit x