Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Tis the season to be jolly.....birds singing, and other things, if them two collared doves dont go off somewhere else instead of my clothes' post.......  I am just glad the grandchildren arent here.  

A Meadow Pipit above is eyeing up the talent.

As is the Wheatear.

Big Daddy is wearing himself out trying to keep a track on his harem.

Lambs are popping out all over.

The Konik Ponies at the Loch of Strathbeg have obviously settled in well, as the first foal is born.

And all around new life..... (I love the fact we see calves with cows in the fields round here.)

So what has this to do with weddings?  Well - Spring springing, birds meeting, new life arriving, all has an effect, even on some of our more mature beings.

A couple of our friends who have been together for years..... have decided to tie the knot.

No tootle to the church for them, or indeed the Registry Office.  No, after waiting this long he decides to build a Viking Long House for the ceremony, you cant really plan an outside wedding in the North East of Scotland, no matter the season, your guests will probably need some shelter.  So ceremonial long house made from - pallets.

And, why not the Viking long ship ( not sure I am getting all this terminology right).

Despite it being only just Spring arriving, and all this cooing and other stuff, reminds me that next month, Midsummers Eve, YES ITS ONLY THAT FAR AWAY AND WE HAVENT PROPERLY HAD SPRING YET, is our wedding anniversary.  

When the DP and I wed, everyone dressed up as a character from Shakespeare's Midsummers Night, we had Bottoms, Walls, Titania, Puck, the whole cast list.

What was your wedding like?  Hopefully far better than the 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' rubbish we see on t.v. and much, much more fun.  Like ours was and the Viking one on its way will be.


Laurie said...

oh this is exciting, I hope you show us photos of the wedding, now thats one romantic fella! I love the sound of your wedding too! You guys know how to do things up in style!

BadPenny said...

What fun ! I haven't seen a single lamb yet.
We married on December 30th had the " Do " at my mum's and my dress was bought the week before in a Laura Ashley sale !

We had no honeymoon except the drive back to Spain where we lived. Having met while working in Antigua we'd had our honeymoon beforehand !

I love Collard doves !

rusty duck said...

Great pics of spring life.

Viking long house sounds brilliant. For our wedding the temperature was in the high eighties and everybody melted. But in those days we used to have summers.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Loving the idea of a Viking wedding! Ours was fairly ordinary ... I was very young and my parents, who were paying for it, mostly called the shots. The day was marked by the idiot from among the guests who broke into our car and then our suitcases and filled them with dessicated coconut. We spent the first few days of our honeymoon dealing with the aftermath! To this day I don't know who did it, which is probably a good thing. Rice would have been one thing, but dessicated coconut is sticky and greasy ... the expensive dress I'd bought for the evenings was ruined. Still got the fella though, many years on :)

♥ Tina said...

Now that's different! :) We had a tiny wedding in a country church, followed by a very small do, tea and cakes in the kitchen! :)

Hoping we get some warmer weather before the nights draw in again, lol! xx

Mum said...

Ours was a traditional wedding with top hat and tails. I made my own wedding dress and my knees were shaking all through the ceremony.
Love from Mum