Saturday, 20 April 2013


Whooo.  Not sure I am any good on the Grandma front.  

Eldest daughter, partner, and 4 year old and one year old, arrived Thursday.  Both the DP and I are only just upright.

Friday they all went to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

While Grandma was doing her volunteering (and trying to knock the business managers nose off.)

Today, following an evening of much wine quaffing, everyone, (apart from Grandma who had quaffed far too much, but really wanted a bit of peace and quiet), went off to Aden Country Park.  Which among other things, ruined mansion, Museum, also has working circa 1950 farm.

Sadly, not many 1950's animals, apart from the above.  And a stuffed cow below, presumably from the 1950s.

But the boys enjoyed themselves, boys do tend to roar and try to be scary.

When they returned, it was Grandmas turn.  While the wee one had a nap, I instructed how to make a pirate out of a loo roll inner.  

Seriously, all his own work.  Let me know if you want to know how, or are daft enough.

We made a pirate hat out of newspaper and skull and crossbones printed off and glued on.

Together we made, Pirate mask, Captain Hook's hook, from plastic cup and foil, and spyglass from kitchen paper inner.  One happy Pirate, looking fierce, as thats what Pirates do apparently.

Plan was to let the kids fly a kite.  Big Kids took over.

Little kids didnt seem to mind.

They return home tomorrow.

And leave me with one big question.  Why did I have four daughters?


Mum said...

Great fun, I can see.
I can also see you picking your colleague's nose!
Aren't those animals doing well seeing as they are over 60 years old!
Love from Mum
PS Sorry! :)
PPS Hope you've recovered.
PPPS And your colleague too.

Anonymous said...

Love the expression on the grown-up kite-flyer's face! Looks like you gave 'em all a great holiday!

Did you know I did some of the artwork at Aden, way back in 1986? (I may well have bored you with this nugget of information already) Apologies! :)


BadPenny said...

Great fun but very tiring.

A friend was tired & complaining after Easter about stripping beds & washing sheets after all four off spring were home - some with partners ( I thought, Well you did have four children ! )

busybusybeejay said...

Its great fun when grandchildren come but very tiring!

Anonymous said...

that was the best, I enjoyed this so much, so did they!

saving for travel said...

Lots of lovely family fun! I love the kite photos.

Sft x