Saturday, 30 March 2013

TWO posts in one day!

Theres  no hope, I think I need a therapist?  This morning I went out for some retail therapy.  Achieved -tick.  Cappuccino, best place is the Lighthouse Museum, on the way through to the cafe I sold a few tickets to the museum.......staff absorbed in displaying 2014 calendars.

Staff struggling with new till EPOS system and stocktaking to be done TOMORROW.  Volunteered to come in to give them space and time to do same.

Enjoyed cappuccino while watching school child on work experience taking money and placing scone on plate without using tongs, offered to do a bit of food handling training.

Came home.  Shed/opera theatre/art studio/drinking den and now thanks to Mum's Simply Living blog. ! a dance studio, I was sent to tapdancing lessons as a child and loved it.  Then the money ran out which it frequently did, so I now have segs on my slippers, so I can tip tap around the shed!!!!!

Me time, work in progress, a Puffin emerging from his/her burrow.  Did you know Puffins dig burrows, like rabbits?  Well they do.  I just loved the image and had to paint it.  Lots more to do, probably ruining it.....   Sadly due to the weird weather we have had many Puffins have died.

Fingers crossed many survive, including my painting.

My art blog  has more paintings.

Think I am all posted out now.


Laurie said...

thats so sad about the Puffins, they fascinate me! Beautiful painting of one!

BadPenny said...

For a woman with pleuracy you are dynamic !
Gorgeous Puffin. When my mother lived in the old coastguard house at Penmon, Anglesey, she looked out at Puffin Island. We used to take boat trips round to see the Puffins & seals.
As a private no landing island, I used to imagine it in an Enid Blyton book - " Escape to Puffin Island " !

BadPenny said...

PS Happy Easter Jill & DP !

and - please take it easy - orders !

Mum said...

You sound a lot chirpier today - must be all that dancing!
Love from Mum

christinelaennec said...

Jill I hope that you are managing to take it a little bit easy, even if that means only tap-dancing in your art studio! I'd love to see that!