Saturday, 16 March 2013

60 pence is that all I am worth?

The good news is I have a regular outlet for my cards.  These are photos of my original paintings, downsized and placed onto very posh card, which I have to fold using my pink card folder, and then package into cellophane, along with an envelope.

Having to put a business head on did not come easy.  I sell my cards for £2.00.  But this was someone else selling my cards and looking for a profit, so I was asked how much did it cost me to produce the finished product.  Shock horror!  I had to ask the DP for help.  he eventual outcome was 28 pence.  Not  taking into account the vast amount of labour, blood, sweat and tears to produce the painting.....  So I sold my wonderful cards for 60 pence.  Now retailing at £2.00.

I have done a series of paintings, still ongoing, called Buchan Birds and Beasts.  The cards also have a label on their backs stating this.  Perhaps someone will become a collector!!

Barnacle Goose.

 'Black Sheep'.

And my lovely Gannet.

And the Hare.

The Roe Deer

Also a couple of pheasants, an Oyster Catcher and the Short Eared Owl.

Added to which, my seal.

Next will be a Fox and a Dexter Cow.  If I am spared.

Just have to hope the cards sell .  

It is not about making money, how could it be?!  Just the wonderful pleasure of someone wanting to pay, to own, something I have made.

Worth far more than 60 p.


rusty duck said...

What about going on line through etsy or similar?
I can guarantee one customer at least..

♥ Tina said...

It's shocking, isn't it. It makes you wonder how much of a pittance the people who make our clothing, shoes, household goods, etc are paid. Pennies.

Those paintings are fab, by the way. xx

Mum said...

Are you selling them at the Lighthouse? I'd love a card of your redshanks painting. Perhaps you should start an online shop.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

That's a hell of a mark up - all that work you put in.

Times when cash is needed I've offered to sell a kidney or myself ( no takers ! )

saving for travel said...

Yes, I agree with Mum. I would buy some of your cards to put in a frame. I love them.

The hens and Oystercatchers are gorgeous.

Sft x

saving for travel said...

31st Jan you posted beautiful paintings of oystercatchers that Mr Sft and I LOVE.

Please tell me if these are for sale as cards. We'd love to pay you £2 each for those! Worth every penny.

Sft x

christinelaennec said...

Your paintings are beautiful, and the cards are lovely. I think £2 is a very fair price indeed for your cards! You of course are priceless.

justjill said...

Thank you ! Will have to seriously think about having an internet shop.
If any of my lovely blogging friends can help me to identify which ones they are interested in (and where is the money coming from SFT!) I will organise something for you. x

thrift deluxe said...


(off topic) First visit here today, found you via Mum. Love your painting of the oystercatchers.

justjill said...

Welcome thrift deluxe, and thank you for your kind comments.