Wednesday, 6 March 2013

And now I will bore you with some culture.

My paintings came down at the Cafe Connect yesterday.  The Dawn Patroller's photographs went up.

All very dramatic from the Modo Circus event last year when hundreds of young people learned new skills and paraded through the town.

Theatre Modo is a Glasgow based theatre company driven by a desire to attract, involve and engage new audiences and participants, We are dedicated to creating vibrant, exciting and uplifting performances, events and opportunities that are artistically ambitious and socially challenging.
Developing and directing participatory youth and community projects in Glasgow and across Scotland, Theatre Modo expands access to and involvement in live performance giving participants opportunities to take part in exciting inclusive and accessible activities that stimulate, entertain and educate.
Our main body of work is participatory; ranging from one-off circus skills workshops to large scale community extravaganzas involving hundreds of participants. Alongside this we have developed our own brand of social circus, CircoModo, and we continue to produce professional touring theatre.

Today our Wednesday Morning Art group met and had good fun practising Loose Painting.  This is where you wet the paper, slosh on the paint, tip the paper, throw salt at it and wrap it in cling film.  Great fun.

Following which we too had a photo call and revealed all our bird pictures.

Nae bad!


♥ Tina said...

Fab photos by the DP! Love the sound of those sloshy paintings, I'd have loved to have had a go at that! Great bird pics, too. Talented lot over your way! xx

rusty duck said...

Nae bad at all.

BadPenny said...

aye nae so bad ! Lots of arty fun going on over at yours.

I used salt to make patterns in the coffee stained card I used for the name tags I made recently... pop over to see what you think of Joe's latest photo !

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Nae bad indeed! And likewise the DPs pics. Talented pair aren't you :D