Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring chapter two, or Spring cleaning you have to be joking.

You know its time to do another blog when all your comments are coming from 'Anonymous' trying to get you to view their web site which is usually pointing you to their website, titled, Acne, Haemorroids, (I cant spell it and neither can they), or bordering on pornography. I had thought about doing a complete post showing everyone what I get as a comment, I would have of course have carefully copied, and pasted, so as not to alert the robot that had sent it that there was some idiot out there who had actually been so daft as to take it on board.  A good sign for all you  is the post they are commenting on is usually months ago!

Howsomeever, back to the title.  Well, when you are working on a nearly flat battery and cant really do much other than move from chair to chair, your eyes land on .....

The bedroom curtains you put up when you moved in.     Dark, well one has to have dark curtains come the Spring time dawn which shines in at about 6 a.m. now and will get earlier, and by June it never gets dark.  

We put up our maps in the entrance hall, which do come in handy when we get knocks on the door from numerous delivery people wanting to know where ????  Satnavs do not work round here.  Drivers are sent by them down cart tracks to ruined houses.  And the map on the left, which is a 1949 Ordnance Survey map depicts many of the places they want to go to.

Also in our entrance hall is the meter cupboard, an essential for the meter reader, the mirror, one should always check ones image before venturing out, and the dreadful dried flower arrangement, with peacock feathers, which my Mother would throw her hands up in horror as being very bad luck. 

Once one is allowed in as far as the inner hallway which is swamped with art work, photography, and this again, awful dried flower/false flower arrangement

Into the sitting room, one thing we would never dream of changing, Minerva McGonagall on the leather chair.  Also in the sitting room, a three seater and two seater leather settees, easily cleanable, unlike material sofas, equals no fleas.....

Our antiques. inherited, and precious, (despite my frequent visits to websites to see if they are worth something.) (Dont care how precious they are once they hit the over £100 tara.)

 My lovely, evergrowing, nurtured, plants in the kitchen.

My Orchid collection on the kitchen windowsill (theres twice as many elsewhere, waiting for them to reburgeon themselves, which they will...) (well they have before).

And then you look out of the window and see the remains of the Dawn Patrollers Wild Flower Meadow.

And as you meander, having a sit down every three steps, not forgetting to take your antibiotic, you really wish you had the energy to clean, dust, vacuum cat, remove awful crap, get a man in with a scythe, begin to hate orchids, read every book, again, on the book shelves, change the curtains, go make a few cushions, paint every wall sunshine yellow, drink a glass of wine.......and its the last one wins.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than HAVING to rest and recuperate, especially when you want to get going with stuff. I know what it's like...frustrating!! Loved your post, the teeny writing bits always make me laugh. :) Keep your chin up, you'll soon be able to do the spring cleaning (which means you'll be able to do a runner and leave it for some other day) :) xxx

Anonymous said...

ha, good choice, tomorrow is another day.I love the painting on the wall in the kitchen and I admire your green thumb with tthe orchids, I kill them every time, and they are so pricey.We lived in an area similar to you before we moved into the city, 47 years, its hard to let go, don't ever leave , you will regret it! We kept land but Garry is now to illl to live that far from town, I admire where you live, take care, be well,

rusty duck said...

Take it easy Jill, plenty of time for Spring cleaning.
But I enjoyed the tour!

BadPenny said...

All in good time... write your lists now for when you have the energy.

Cats are lovely ornaments who clean themselves & move themselves to a better position !

I had a jar of peacock feathers on the table of my first year art foundation course exhibition. My display board broke in half & no one else's did !
The curse of the peacock ( and I didn't get into the advanced course - but that was because I spent too much time having coffee & not working ! )

Mum said...

Love your post - the teeny writing parts make me think I ought to go get my self an eye test. Nah! I just screw up my eyes and it's as clear as can be. Thanks for the tour - I must show you my artificial flowers sometime!
Love from Mum :)