Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sorry, got side tracked.

My apologies for not blogging for some days.

But I am being a Grandma ( and a Mum).

Two youngest daughters with us for the best part of the week.  Plus my grand daughter aged 15 months.  

Catch up soon.


BadPenny said...

Oh that looks fun and with mum & Auntie there to help hope grandmother is not too tired !

I loved the childrens' bath time then wrapping them up in towels - all soft & damp.

Great floors for playing on - especially the car !

Anonymous said...

Aww, cute! Poor kitty, hiding out of harms way, lol! xx

Anonymous said...

I think you may be excused to go play with such an adorable child! (And daughters and cat.) Enjoy their visit!