Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It is Spring, it is Spring, It is Spring......

Keep repeating, keep repeating, mantra, hum, hmmmmmmmm , it will come.

We had a beautiful day, here in the North East of Scotland, albeit still bitterly cold.  The sun shone, there was no wind, (I hate the wind.)  birds singing.  So I went outside to check whether the garden was feeling Spring like.

These tiny Daffodills, dont know their name, but really short stemmed, always the first up.

With loads more in bud.

The big boys too in bud, and I think these are the ones with the most heavenly smell.  I may well pick some and bring them indoors and hope they will open a wee bit earlier.

What did surprise me was the Rogersii shoving up through the soil.  This is one big leaved giant of a plant, a bit like Gunnera (think big rhubarb).

Ornamental Poppy lots of new leaves, need to get rid of dead stalks...

You might have to hit on the picture, but my new Rambling Rector has buds!!!  It has survived.

Today's blue skies.

Guillemot sleeping in the sun.

And a wee bit o Doric to get me into the mood for next week's Kids Activity Mornings with a Pirate theme.

It is Spring, it is Spring.....repeat after me......


rusty duck said...

It is Spring, it is Spring..
but not as we know it Jim.

Lovely to see your rector rambling and glad you're feeling better Jill.

♥ Tina said...

It is spring...it is spring...it's not working!! Arrggghhhh!

Your daffs are WAY ahead of ours! We did get a small peek of sunshine earlier though, so there IS hope!

It IS spring...it IS spring...

(hope you feel better soon, and what are you thinking of mixing with kids again next week??) xx

justjill said...

Well, Tina, I should have been certified years ago.
And Rusty Duck, I am feeling better, but surprised you did not pick up on the wobble on the camera!
Getting there, antibiotics amazing things are they not. Only walked into the wrong room three times, so should be able to drive machinery tomorrow.

BadPenny said...

It's Spring ! it's Spring !
Daffs up here but bitterly cold & snow flurry when I walked Dillon !
Don't over do it now you are feeling a bit better with a spring in your step !