Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Blezzards and Airt.

Wednesday Art Group.  We meet every Wednesday at Dalrymple Hall in Fraserburgh.

Amazing architecture.  Inside, well, it is a privilege to be in this wonderful building, but one does wonder about when the ceiling is about to fall in.

But, this morning we painted on.  Ignored the creaks and groans of an old building.  Normally we finish at 12.  So we did, but this morning we adjourned to the Lighthouse Museum for lunch.  Followed by us all putting up our first exhibition as a group.  

Now we havent quite got to grips with the lighting. Within the exhibition space are some lighthouse lights, what ! in a Lighthouse Museum!  which do create some magical effects, but not necessarily that good for displaying paintings!  Bear with me, I aim to sort it. We did indeed have a lot of advice and help from some lovely people.

Some paintings are well lit, while others are a wee bit gloomy.

There are also some spaces to fill.

But, for a first exhibition, with few of us knowing what we were doing, its nae bad.  And with a bit more tweaking will be just amazing.

I hope you hit on the pictures and get a better view as for a bunch of total amateurs I think our work is pretty awesome.

Back to talking about the weather.  Well thats what we all do isnt it.

Here in the North East of Scotland you would think we would be used to the "SNA", thats snow, ok?

And its nothing like they get in Canada, or parts of the USA, or Siberia, or wherever, and even though I am in my sixth decade we still "Oooo and Aaaaa" about it.  

"Ded ye see thit Blezzard the morn?"


Anonymous said...

beautiful art! very much water and nautical themed (all that I could see) , I love when people paint their surroundings and paint what they know, they put real heart in it.Looks a tad chilly with you, another hot water bottle in the bed tonight might be called for!I will be so glad when Our snow goes, its still piling up, no end in site!

rusty duck said...

I rather like the lighting effect, were it just a little more even. But I wouldn't fancy being locked in that turret right at the top of the Hall..

Amateurs? Nae, lass.

BadPenny said...

I do like the effect through the swirly light though not the best I agree for displaying the lovely artwork.
You do a grand job there Jill.