Monday, 4 March 2013

Playing, and oh no!

The Dawn Patroller went off to play, yesterday, on one of his photographing jaunts.

Just two hours away, through Aberdeen, and inland, this is what he found.

The snow lingers on the hills inland, good for skiers.  We have none here, neither skiers or snow.

 A camera shy red squirrel.  (We actively discourage the grey variety.)

Plus a magnificent Red Deer Stag.

Up the Dee Valley.  Waterfalls.

Back home and our lovely sheep were being sorted.

We watched them rounded up, gathered, sorted.

And weighed, some were sent one way, back into the field, and others were loaded up into a transporter.

You know when people say, "Which do you want first?  The good news or the bad news?"

"Well, you lot can go off and play a bit more, but the rest of you have done really well and achieved a good weight gain...."  


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing pics! xx

A Trifle Rushed said...

I wonder how many of them will grace Easter tables?
Our deer are lovely too, but slightly tamer in Richmond Park, and we sadly have to make do with the greys. Though they are the Dog's sworn enemy he is looking out on each walk, trying to keep the numbers down!

Terra said...

Heh heh, some of the sheep got good news. The photos are breath taking and the air looks so clean and clear where you live. Our air is pretty clean too, here in coastal California cuz it blows in off the Pacific Ocean, but yours looks pristine!

rusty duck said...

Wonderful photos DP, especially that last waterfall.

On the sheep farm where we lived for a while the shepherd used to sort with a dollop of blue spray dye for 'good news' and a dollop of red for 'bad news'.

I was sorely tempted to go down the agricultural supplier, get more blue dye and overspray the red..

BadPenny said...

Magnificent countryside & photographs. Only grey squirrels here though they have a reddish tinge.
Ah well that's the cycle of nature if you are a meat eater which I am... were they bleating,
" mint sauce mint sauce " ? (I eat a LOT of veg too )

Cathy said...

Love the dog 'eyeing' the nob - is he the only one or are there more.

justjill said...

Hi Cathy, there were two dogs and two men. Y ou will have to explain the word nob as it can have some connotation you did not intend!

Cathy said...

Well now Jill - I suppose it depends on whether we are talking cards, status of people or your head as what I meant by nob lol
In actual fact it was a slip of the fingers and what I should have said was 'eyeing the MOB as in aussie speak for flock lol
Working dogs are the best sort aren't they.

justjill said...

Definitely my head! You dont know how near you were to being deleted, but lovely to have you on board. And yes its wonderful to see dogs working, they thrive on it.