Saturday, 9 March 2013

My day off.


Yesterday I was doing my stint on the front desk at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

Great excitement as the newly transformed cafe was re-opened.  

The fancy pieces, cakes, sitting on the counter are to be in a table top glass fridge.  Which was delivered yesterday, and we all had great fun unpacking it  and taking it upstairs to the cafe, only to find it sounded like a plane coming into land. So may have to be replaced.....Teething problems.

The kitchen is behind the wall and is much more spacious and crammed with fridges, cookers, grills, griddles.  

The art work on the walls is from Keith Allardyce, photographer.  

And the biscuits are from 'Aunty Moira' who provides the cafe with the most mouthwatering cakes, (fly pieces) and biscuits.

And at last we have a Cappuccino maker.  Yum.


saving for travel said...

It all looks lovely. I do hope you get the fridge sorted out soon.

I hope you had a lovely day off.

Sft x

BadPenny said...

Looking great there Jill. I bet those lighthouse iced biscuits are filling !
Our fridge is making funny noises & held together by pieces of duck tape & string !

Marjorie said...

It looks very welcoming and efficient. Hope the fridge is sorted out soon. Those cookies (biscuits) are wonderful.