Sunday, 10 March 2013

Birds in the North East of Scotland.

Every evening this happens.  As darkness slowly gathers the Starlings begin to line up on the wires.

The wires bow down almost to breaking point as thousands of starlings gather in preparation for roosting.  

Then the magic begins.

The dance before bedtime.

Painting the sky.

This morning we woke to this.

And these two, also dancing.

Big Daddy and Little Daddy.  Sadly we did not snap them as they rose into the air with claws and wattles rattling, but they did, and then pretended nothing had happened.

And sloped off.

Later, I braved blizzards and visited the Loch of Strathbeg for the Wild Art Weekend, where our group were portraying birds to the best of our ability.  Sadly the weather had put off everyone else, so no-one was there to see our display.....

No, not this one, 

Or this one, it was supposed to be about birds wasn't it?

Ah, there we are.


saving for travel said...

Oh, that is such a shame. I'd love to have seen it!

Thank you for posting the other photos. I am such a huge bird lover. The starling display is a highlight of nature.

Sft x

rusty duck said...

Oh that's such a shame about the art display. There's some really nice work there too (spotted the goose).

I love to watch the murmurations. But wish the pheasants didn't have to fight.

BadPenny said...

I love watching the birds swarming ( as I call it ) too - love it when they sway & change direction.

Snow stopped play - lots of schools closed around here today - there will be snow play !

Marjorie said...

Pity the art display was poorly attended. I would have loved to seen it .

Laurie said...

oh my gosh I missed the last few of your posts, I wonder why they didn't come up on my reader? This was an amazing event you captured on film, wow, I love it hen this happens with the birds its like you said, painting the sky.
I would also have enjoyed this event,m some great work!