Saturday, 30 March 2013

My week and not doing what I have been told to.

Monday was at the doctors confirming my diagnosis of having pleurisy.  Antibiotics prescribed and told to TAKE THINGS EASY.

So, I sat down, and exercised the few remaining active brain cells.

Preparing work sheets for Kids Activity Mornings, and finding my new printer spends a lot of time thinking about it before realising it is a printer and not a clockwork toy on the blink.

So that brought me to Wednesday morning.  Now I just HAD to go into Art group as we are preparing for NEOS (North East Open Studios), which isnt til September, but it will probably take us that long to prepare.  We are registered and paid up now, gulp.  Our exhibition at the Lighthouse Museum has to come down next Tuesday and after announcing that I was met with a wall of deadly silence.  So next Tuesday I will have a car full of other peoples precious art work......

Collapsed Wednesday Afternoon.

Thursday Morning our Kids Activity Mornings Volunteer group met at the Lighthouse and sorted out final preparations.  Somehow I have ended up with more work for the clockwork toy.

Some of us stayed for lunch.

Half way through I noticed more and more people coming in to the cafe.  Only two people working.  So I went downstairs to the admission/shop desk and the person working there went up to assist in the cafe.  I didnt leave til 3p.m. It was manic, and not even Easter yet. (and I didnt finish my lunch.)

Yesterday was my official volunteering stint at the Lighthouse.  People piling in to the cafe, but schools now broken up, so all our secondary school staff were in.  
A coach load from  Shetland then arrived and went to have their soup and sandwich in the Audio Visual Theatre.  
Host of German tourists.
English tourists.
Scottish tourists.
Tours up the lighthouse on the hour, full, all afternoon.
And they all descended on the shop like locusts.................

At 3.30p.m. I was carried out to my car and finally did what I was told, and went home.


Laurie said...

oh my gosh, take care of yourself, thats serious business, you need to do what the doctors say!Your health is more important!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I've had pleurisy ... look after yourself Jill, *please*, if you don't your lungs could be scarred permanently!

With so much excitement on the arty front I can see why you're tempted to stray from home though!

Laura Amy said...

I hope your weekend is set to contain a bit more taking-it-easy and looking after yourself!

busybusybeejay said...

You just take care of yourself.You are obviously doing too much but i can understand why you do!Barbara

BadPenny said...

naughty girl... YOU MUST REST !!!


Mum said...

Did I read the words TAKE THINGS EASY?

Yes, I sure did.

Take it easy and rest.

Love from Mum