Friday, 15 March 2013

Warning! These images may upset you.

Next week we have our two youngest daughters visiting.  So our two 'spare' rooms upstairs are being prepared.  Beds changed, floors vacuumed, dusting, clean towels out etc.  One of the spare rooms is the Dawn Patrollers Dressing Room and overspill of his photographic studio, so his responsibility to sort.  This is what he found under the bed.

A mummified bat.

Being a photographer - yes, well, we have images.  Before it went onto the compost heap.

Now, apart from questioning our housekeeping, where the heck did it come from?  Cats are not allowed in bedrooms, other than ours.  We did have some work done upstairs last year which necessitated the door into the under the roof space being open.  Could we have a bat colony up there?  Well it just so happens that one of the gadgets the DP has is a bat detector.  So, we will just leave him to it.

I will let you know, meanwhile I am downstairs, with the doors shut.



How facinating ...just imagine .. of all the things to find ... I just find dodgy old socks under mine.

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

Gosh, it's so tiny! I don't think I'd be too chuffed to have Batty around either though. Hopefully he just got a bit lost one day and his friends and family are tucked up in a barn somewhere! xx

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Eek! It must have been somewhere warm and dry to mummify rather than rot. Very strange! Fascinating pics though Jill.

rusty duck said...

We had one in the bedroom last year. I assume it flew in through the window. They are cute, but difficult to catch..

BadPenny said...

aww Bless, we had one caught in our lampshade once - had a little look at him then gently helped him out of the window. Love looking at bats at dusk.

How lovely to have two of your girls home - do they get on ?